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2016 Pumpkin Season Entertainment

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October 1st

  • Roloff Farms Pirate Day
    Saturday, October 1st
    Pirate Day!
    Pirate Day at Roloff Farms!
    October 1st ~ Shiver me timbers landlubbers! Come spy wit' ye eye the outlaw band 'o pirates who be tellin' ruckas scurvy pirate stories 'n...
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October 8th
  • Crossroads Blend - Music Day
    Saturday, October 8th
    Crossroads Blend
    Cool Tunes at Roloff Farms
    October 8th, 1-4pm ~ Come listen to our favorite local musicians. Crossroads Blend, featuring Buddy Evans, Tracey Graham, and Mitch Ward. Buddy Evans has worked...
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October 22nd
  • Pestaurant Pop Up Bug Restaurant
    Saturday, October 22nd
    "Pestaurant" Pop Up
    Delicious Bugs, Bugs & More Bugs!
    October 22nd ~ Are you brave enough to try some nutritious and delicious bug dishes? Sweet, savory and even a bit of spice. Come out...
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October 23rd
October 30th
  • Costume Day at the Farm
    Sunday, October 30th
    Costume Day!
    It's Costume Day!
    October 30th ~ Dig out your funny, scary, silly, colorful favorite costumes because October 30th is costume day at Roloff Farms! Come see which Roloff...
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